Patent Health Website Review & Ratings + Patent Health Coupons
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Patent Health Website Review & Ratings + Patent Health Coupons

Patent Health: Products & Services

Patent Health is a brand of PatentHealth LLC, a world class manufacturer and distributor of premium Over The Counter Drugs and Nutraceuticals for women, men and children.  The mission of this US based company is to satisfy the human desire to look and feel good.  This company has become a leader in the industry by focusing on 3 core principles namely; customer satisfaction, innovation and quality. 

Each product developed by this company is supported directly by reliable and competent scientific evidence uncovered through well conducted and well designed clinical trials plus other reliable scientific sources.  The company uses only premium ingredients and its products are tested routinely for ingredient quantity and purity under controlled laboratory conditions.  This company partners with leading registered dieticians, medical doctors, researchers and other experts in the industry in order to develop top notch products. 

Patent Health sells a number of Nutraceuticals and Over The Counter Drugs as described below.

Weight Management Products

  • Apatrim – A breakthrough weight loss supplement that comes in form of an amazing diet pill.  
  • Apatrim Detox – This is a detox and cleanse that promotes digestive health and support the body’s detoxification process. 
  • SmartLEAN – An effective dietary supplement that reduces fat and helps to decreased body weight. 
  • SmartLEAN Detox – A detox and cleanse that supports the body’s detoxification process and also promotes digestive health. 

Joint Health Products

  • Trigosamine Max-Strength – It relieves joint discomfort, promotes healthy bones and helps to lubricate the joints.
  • FLUIDjoint – A breakthrough formula that enhances joint health.
  • RapidFLEX – A fast acting, analgesic pain relieving cream that relieves minor arthritis pain, back and muscle pain.
  • Fast-Acting Trigosamine – A scientifically advanced formulation that helps to build and maintain healthy cartilage and joints and also relieves joint discomfort. 

Cardio Support Products

  • Astamega-3 – An advanced Omega-3, krill oil formula with a powerful antioxidant known as astaxanthin.  This formula provides numerous health benefits such as healthy brain function, joint health, emotional well being and maintenance of healthy levels of cholesterol. 
Patent Health: Company Background

Patent Health is a brand of PatentHealth LLC, a world class manufacturer and distributor of premium Over The Counter Drugs and Nutraceuticals for women, men and children.  This US based company was founded in 2001.  The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Mr. Rodney Napier and the Vice President is Michael Moorhead.

The offices of the company are located 8000 Freedom Ave NW, North Canton, Ohio 44720, USA.  The telephone numbers are 1-800-777-8988 and (330) 208-1111.  The fax number is (330) 966-5715 8000 and the email address is  This company’s IP address is and the website was launched on 5th January, 2001.  This means that this company has been doing online business for 12 years.

Patent Health: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers who have used Patent Health products have generally given good feedback about them.  It seems like this company’s Weight Management, Joint Health and cardio support products do really work.  Below is some feedback about specific products.

  • Working with horses has taken it's toll on my body. After years of handling 1200lb horses my shoulder, back and knees were really bothering me. I started taking Trigosamine and in a very short time my whole body started feeling great. Trigosamine is great stuff, I'm moving around like a kid again. – Hank Clason
  • My husband uses Fast Acting Trigosamine and it has helped him tremendously. I can see a difference in him. Your product helps his knees. They were so tender to the touch. He used to work out but not as often or long until he started with our product. He now extends his workout time. He also stopped taking his prescription pills because your product does such a good job. - Carrie P.
  • Apatrim worked for me, at least it was much better than anything else I tried. I am a big coffee drinker so I had bad experiences with caffeine based products.Also I actually ate more from them. I could kill myself from cleansing products if you have tried them probably you know why.Those did not work for me, maybe you are different. This one worked for me . So far I have lost almost 5 kg (approx 10 pounds) with this in a month and I have not finished with the bottle as sometimes I am not really hungry after lunch any more.Low calorie diet is a must but it does not feel like hurting myself(I try to eat nutritious food, vegetables and meat and cheese I did not cut back on fat) BUT I am not carving high calorie zero nutrient foods any more. I am happily stopped eating doughnuts for instance and I do not snack. I hope the trend will not stop or turn back. def. getting a new batch. – Jennifer Johnson
  • I'm not sure if it was just a mind thing for me but Apatrim seemed to work in terms of suppressing my appetite. Just like any weight loss tactic, you have to be 100% committed for anything to work. Don't expect to magically lose weight by taking this! It worked for me in combination with a low calorie diet. – Anne Harrison
  • I had a severe allergic reaction to the Apatrim pills. I returned them, opened with my doctor's receipts as proof of my reaction, and I was refunded my purchase price and shipping charges. These pills weren't for me. However, the seller was good to work with. - Angela Kenneth
  • Astamega-3 Cardio Support is the most fabulous product I have ever used. After taking it for the past two months I feel better than ever. I purchased this product at Amazon and I just love Amazon and the product.
  • I've been taking glucosamine and chondroitin (osteo biflex) for about a year for back and neck pain. It reduced the creakiness of the joints which made things a bit more comfortable but the pain has increased a lot over the year. I started trigosamine fast acting a week ago and felt better *literally* the next day. I didn't really credit trigosamine since I expected it to take a couple weeks to help (if it worked at all) -- and I do have good days and bad days. After a couple days though, I started wondering if maybe it was related. And, I've felt great all week, which pretty much never happens anymore. Still a little pain but not the kind that keeps me on the couch. I have already started doing a lot more -- going out, etc. I can re-post later and let you know if it's a fluke but so far I haven't felt this good in a looooong time. If it continues I'll come back and rate it a five. – Henry Boaz
  • On the recommendation of my family doctor, I decided to try Trigosamine Fast Acting. I was skeptical because I have tried glucosamine/chondroitin supplements in the past for arthritis & they didn't work. I had pain in one of my knees for almost a year, making it hard to use the stairs. After using this product for 5 months, as instructed on the package, two tablets a day, I found it easy to use the stairs. It happened so slowly that I didn't realize that my knee had gotten better. I am walking fast & using the stairs with no problems. I'm really not sure if Trigosamine helped, or if time healed my knee...I think it was the Trigosamine. One thing for sure, I did not have any signs of relief in 3 days or in 8 weeks; it took much longer than that for me. During this time period I also used one bottle of Trigrosamine JointCare 90 tablets...the instructions say to take 3 tablets a day...sometimes I took 3 other times I took 2. – Samuel Zidane
Patent Health: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Patent Health is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  However, this company’s BBB rating is quite low at F on a scale of A+ to F.  The factors that lowered its BBB rating are the 21 complaints closed with BBB in the last 3 years.  However, 20 of the complaints were successfully resolved with the assistance of BBB.

This company partners with leading registered dieticians, medical doctors, researchers and other experts in the industry in order to develop top notch products. The company has a lot of confidence in its products and that is why it offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.   The company has received a lot of positive customer feedback showing that customers have confidence in its products. 

Patent Health: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Patent Health website is fairly popular.  According to Alexa, this website is number 5,420,368 in terms of popularity out of the 30 million global domains.  The estimated percentage of global internet users who visit this site in a period of 3 months is 0.000015%.    

According to Webstatsdomain , this website has about 14 backlinks and a fairly good SEO score of 23%.  Its Google page rank is also fairly good at 3 out of 10.  This site is estimated to be worth $1,780 USD.  

Patent Health: Social Media Presence

Patent Health has pages in some of the leading social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  However, a visit to these pages shows minimal activity.  For instance, a visit to the company’s Facebook page shows that there are only 30 likes and 1 talking about this.  Its Twitter page is no better as there is only 1 Tweet, 10 Followers and 4 Following. 

The company does not have an official page on You Tube, Pinterest or Google+.  It does not also operate a blog.

Patent Health: Website Security & Safety

Patent Health ensures that its site is safe and secure by securing it using current industry security standards.  This includes the use of a secure (https://) SSL encrypted connection when taking payment information to prevent credit card theft and fraud.  The website is also verified and secured. 

In addition, Google has classified this site as safe.  A safe browsing diagnostic test carried out on the site showed that it is not currently listed as suspicious.  Google visited this site on 3rd December 2012 and tested 1 page.  This google safe browsing diagnostic test revealed that the site has not acted as an intermediary resulting in distribution of malware and it has not hosted any malicious software over the past 90 days

Patent Health: Pricing & Packages

Patent Health sells a number of Weight Management, Joint Health and Cardio support products.  Below are the prices of the top-level packages sold by this company.

Weight Management Products

  • Apatrim – 1 bottle - $18.00
  • Apatrim Detox – 1 bottle - $18.00
  • SmartLEAN – 1 bottle – $18.00
  • SmartLEAN Detox – 1 bottle - $18.00

Joint Health Products

  • Trigosamine Max-Strength – 1 bottle - $29.00
  • Fast-Acting Trigosamine – 1 bottle - $18.00
  • FLUIDjoint – 1 bottle - $19.00
  • RapidFLEX – 1 bottle - $14.00

Cardio Support Products

  • Astamega-3 – 1 bottle - $14.00

This company sells its products at competitive prices that compare well with what it competitors charge for similar products.  Below is a comparison of what this company charges for one of its weight management products with what its competitors charge.

  • Patent Health Apatrim – 1 bottle - $18.00
  • Olympian Labs FucoGreen - 1 bottle - $21.99
  • SciVation Dialene - 1 bottle - $29.99
  • Maximum Nutrients FucoLean - 1 bottle - $22.99
Patent Health: Shipping Rates & Policies

Patent Health currently ships to customers residing in the US only.  The company ships via USPS which takes about 3 to 5 business days.  The shipping charges begin from $7.85 depending on the volume of the order.  However, additional shipping charges apply for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

The company also has an Auto shipping program for the convenience of its customers.  Products are shipped automatically on a monthly basis eliminating the hassle of having to re-order or queuing at the local retailer.  Those who sign up for this program also save money as they enjoy generous discounts and Free Shipping after the first shipment.  You can cancel the auto-shipping any time without any penalty. 

Patent Health: Payment Methods Accepted

Shopping on the Patent Health website is easy and secure.  All you have to do is to select the products and fill in your shipping and payment details.  The only payment method accepted by this company is use of the major credit cards such as:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

The company is yet to incorporate use of alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Checks, Wire Transfer, E-Checks, Google Checkout and EbillMe among others.

Patent Health: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Patent Health has so much confidence in its products that it offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all of them apart from Apatrim which has a full 12 month satisfaction guarantee.  This means that if any of the products fails to meet your reasonable expectations within this time, you can return the unused portion for a refund or replacement.  In case you want to exchange a product and the product is not in stock, it can be exchanged with another product of equal or lesser value with your approval.  If you ask for a refund, the company refunds the amount you spent less the shipping costs.

There is evidence to show that this company honors its return/refund policy.  Here is some feedback from a customer who bought the products from Amazon. 

  • I had a severe allergic reaction to the Apatrim pills. I returned them, opened with my doctor's receipts as proof of my reaction, and I was refunded my purchase price and shipping charges. These pills weren't for me. However, the seller was good to work with. - Angela Kenneth
Patent Health: Product images & screenshots
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